The Ahuja Way Total Customer Satisfaction
drives everything we do

The Ahuja Way

The Ahuja Way

By choosing Ahuja Group our customers benefit from our way of working, our vision and our way of thinking in which continuous improvement, teamwork and respect are key elements. Our customers are a satisfied lot because we provide them with the best products at he right time and we respect the organisational values of hard-work and timely delivery.

Ahuja Group's success stems from vision, values and dedication to a set of common principles - the Ahuja Way. Its five core values express the beliefs and values shared by Ahuja Group. All Team Ahuja members, at every level, are expected to apply these values in their daily work and relations with others. By going to the source of information to make correct decisions, by continuous improvement, by embracing challenges and by respecting customers and each other - people worldwide contribute every day to the success of Team Ahuja.

Focused on Quality

Ahuja Group companies have been a leading supplier of innovative products and services for decades. In every phase of our operation there is a total dedication to quality. It is this dedication that has made our achievements possible. The Ahuja Group is 100% committed to delivering excellence from product development to after sales service.

We believe that quality matters at every step and that a quality product will provide us with a satisfied customer lot. We empower Quality Circles for the employees to make quality their top priority and show our commitment to quality in every phase of the manufacturing and service delivery process. By implementing Quality Circles we have dozens of quality control experts watching each and every product while it's being built. In this fashion, we ascertain that every product to come off the production line is built to meet Ahuja Group's high quality standards.

If an employee spots a problem, the employee has the power to stop the production line at any stage in the manufacturing process. Any employee can stop the manufacturing process, no matter what the problem, to ensure the problem is corrected right then and there. At Ahuja Group, we believe in making corrections immediately rather than after the product is built.

One of Ahuja Group's philosophies is the concept of always improving both in safety and quality. Employees at Ahuja Group facilities are constantly encouraged to offer suggestions to improve their processes, streamline operations and further demonstrate commitment to the overall quality of our products and services.

Focused on Technology

Technical expertise forms the cornerstone of Ahuja Group's strength. In keeping with the company's spirit of being ahead in innovation and making use of latest technologies, we actively carry out research and development activities. One of the key steps Ahuja Group has taken is its technical collaboration with FLUC GmbH for advanced technical expertise for its products.

Ahuja Group's advanced and innovative technologies has been contributing both to customer peace of mind and to efficient operation, placing us at the forefront of the industry. This is achieved through pursuit for inquisitiveness and also a creativity inspirited by focusing on customers' actual work situations. This policy leads us to introduce solutions that customers really need, grounded in our accumulated expertise.

Our quest for professional excellence in technology that is ahead of the times makes our position distinctive in the industry.

Focused on Safety

We keep a strict watch in maintaining safety standards in all our products, equipment, facilities and service delivery systems. As products produced by Ahuja Group are industrial products which requires great care in ensuring safety of personnel who operate the equipment, it is one of our primary focus area. We guarantee you products that never cause harm to you in the long run.

Naturally the best approach to preventing accidents is one that combines the efforts of every person, business and organization involved. We keep a strict watch in maintaining Safety standards in all our equipment and products. Safety is ensured in electrical / mechanical / structural and hydraulic components so that there is no chance of any accident, during their operation. To ensure safety against human error, or failure of electrical, mechanical components, we provide fail safe devices like overload valves, pressure bleeding arrangements and M.C.B etc.

Focused on Environment

The Ahuja Group regards environmental management as a major part of our corporate citizenship. We believe in giving back to the earth what is taken from it. We have a rich history of protecting the environment while advancing the economy. For this we have made some environmental policies that are followed by all our team mates.

  1. 1) We conduct corporate activities that are considerate of the environment through design, production, use and disposal, use of safe products.
  2. 2) Strive to intensify environmental management for the further advancement of corporate activities that support environmental protection.
  3. 3) Promote social contribution, information disclosure and knowledge through wide-ranging cooperation with society on environmental protection, with the ultimate aim of achieving a better global environment.

All Ahuja Group companies and stakeholders address the reduction of the burden on the environment in the manufacturing process and service delivery.

Focused on Customer

Our prime focus is always our customer. Customer satisfaction to us means that we have been able to meet all the demands of our customers and that we live up to their expectations. Satisfying customers after-market service based on mutual communication and unparalleled professional competence is our aim.

Our priority is finding better ways to serve our customers. As a leading conglomerate in India, we always work to provide our customer with support from every viewpoint. Our network for sales, distribution, and after-sales circles the globe so that we are closest to our customers. Satisfying our customers with after-market service based on mutual communication and unparalleled professional competence is our aim.

Ahuja Group is continuing to develop our global team. We have a special facility for training the sales and service staff with the purpose of nurturing knowledge, skills, and know-how around the world. The Ahuja Group Training Centre under our training arm Forte, seeks to foster global professionals with the highest expertise and capabilities in sales and services.