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Corporate Social Responsiblity

Besides being aware of our promises to the customers and delivering the best products to them we at Ahuja Group are aware of our social responsibilities as well. We believe in giving back to Mother Earth what is taken away during production. These are counted as our social responsibilities which we fulfil through the Ahuja Foundation.

Our factories are green, incorporating solar energy and recycling as appropriate, but it goes beyond ensuring all group companies use environment-friendly processes to manufacture environment-friendly products. In addition, we give back to the community through the Ahuja Foundation, fulfilling our social responsibilities.

Our prime areas of focus are:


Our primary focus in corporate social responsibility is the environment. We make environment friendly products and also use products that can be recycled. In our environment focus we have performed park clean-up campaigns. Customer product development for rural upliftment.


Education is the right of every individual whether residing in urban areas or rural. We focus on educating every individual at our level, by providing them school at the rural level, and study material at the urban level.

Rural Upliftment

Definitely, rural upliftment is very important because more than half of our nation resides in villages. Upliftment of rural places holds great value. We have organized campaigns and movements in the rural areas.

Employee Welfare

Since our employees are our strength and what we achieve is because of their never ending hard-work therefore it is our soul responsibility to take care of our employee welfare by providing them weekly medical checkup and RO purified drinking water, healthy and hygienic food.

Employee Safety

Free first aid facilities for immediate medical attention, fire extinguishers installed in all units and dust exhaust system installed in production facilities.

Sustainable Development

Rain water harvesting, wood used in production comes from legal sources, 100% recycling of production generated waste.

Ahuja Foundation
Ahuja Foundation, India is committed towards Ahuja Group's Corporate Social Responsibility, enabling sustainable development and providing health care and education opportunities to the socially deprived sections of the society. We also promote Indian art and culture and work for rescue and rehabilitation of animals. Click here to know more about Ahuja Foundation... Click here to know more connect with us on Facebook...

Some of our CSR Partners: