Meet The Team Amazing people who
bring positive results

Ahuja Group is always striving forward to attain new heights and its team comprises of highly motivated individuals who anchor the organization to relentlessly provide world products and services. The Team Ahuja consists of qualified engineers and professionals. These are the people who act as the group's strength and keep it going through all thick and thins.

Team Ahuja never gives up and these are the young minds that undergo various tough sets of training that improve them and their work day by day. Training programs that are provided by us bring out the best in them which in turn improves the quality of our products. The team also manages the product delivery and maintenance.

Team Ahuja members are people who have from from cities across India and their only motive is to strive really hard to take the Ahuja Group to new heights. Some of these people have decided to selflessly devote themselves to the service of mankind with our best efforts and constant support.

Our ideas come alive because we believe in them and we uphold superior values leading us into emerging big ideas. This facilitates us to foray into new sectors and markets, giving our commitment to sustainability and deriving returns efficiently. At Ahuja Group you will see that what motivates and drives us to our goals is nothing else but motivation. Also Big ideas are not made, they are born and this is the place that helps you to achieve Big...

- Mr. V. K. Ahuja, Founder, Ahuja Group

V. K. Ahuja


From Assistant Professor To Mini Industrialist In 40 Years. The Founder Visionary of the Ahuja Group.

Lalit Ahuja

Managing Director

From a one man show to creating the biggest industrial automation store. Today he heads the Ahuja Group, taking it to new heights.

Komal Ahuja


A veteran marketer, today leads the services & online e-commerce thrust of the Ahuja Group, propelling it into the new millennium.

Pranav Ahuja


Joining Ahuja Group after graduation, now at the helm of its manufacturing and distribution ventures.