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Ahuja Group LogoEstablished in 1970, Ahuja Group has expanded to encompass various segments both vertically as well as horizontally to build tomorrow's enterprises, optimize business and enhance end to end customer experience. Our length and bredth is to deliver quality beyond compare, to serve any customer, any channel at anytime. Since the Ahuja Group now spans many businesses, brands, service providers, related organisations and websites; we provide you with this map of all the Ahuja Group related websites so you can find the relevent ones.

Group Websites

  1. Ahuja Group India

    Established in 1970, Ahuja Group endeavours to build tomorrow's enterprises, optimise business and enhance end to end customer experience. We deliver quality beyond compare, to serve any customer, any channel at anytime.

  2. Hydraulics and Pneumatics

    Leading provider of a widest range of industrial products, supplies and services for MRO (maintenance repair and operational) requirements, also available online.

  3. Tufit Hydraulic Fittings

    Your one-stop-shop for hydraulic fluid fittings, connectors and solutions, manufactured in an integrated facility with CNC machines, in-house designing, fully equipped test laboratory and surface coating facility.

  4. Crackamite Non Explosive Cracking Agent

    Crackamite is a Non-explosive Expansive Silent Cracking Agent suitable for stone breaking, granite and marble quarrying, concrete cutting and demolition.

  5. TufHose Hydraulic Hoses

    TufHose offers you one of the toughest hydraulic hoses, hose fittings and hose assemblies along with world-class hose crimping machines from Techmaflex, France.

  6. Tufit Auto Drain Valves

    Tufit Automatic Drain Valves are your best protection against moisture in pneumatics circuits and lines with the latest German technology and world class quality.

  7. Hydraulic Gear Pumps presents a premium range of Hydraulic Gear Pumps from various brands such as FLUC and Tufit, available to you at your convenience.

  8. Hydraulic Tank Accessories

    Specialists in Hydraulic Reservoir/Tank Accessories, we offer an extensive line of accessories for hydraulic circuits, lines, and reservoirs; available from international brands such as FLUC and Tufit

  9. Hydraulic Seamless Tubes

    Hydraulic seamless metric steel tubes of carbon steel / alloy steel, available as cold drawn seamless tubes &amo; pipes as per ASTM, ASME, DIN, BS, EN, IS standards from renowned brands such as FLUC and Tufit.

  10. Ahuja Foundation

    Ahuja Foundation is committed towards enabling sustainable development and providing healthcare and education opportunities to the socially deprived sections of the society.

  11. Wonder Fissure Silent Demolition Powder

    Wonder Fissure is a silent non-explosive cracking and demolition agent which works by providing massive expansive force for cracking, brought to you by FLUC GmbH.

  12. Ahuja Industries

    Manufacturar of industrial hydraulic products with a fully integrated facility with lean & flexible production on CNC's, in-house CAD designing, fully equipped test laboratory and ROHS Compliant surface coating facility.

  13. Ahuja Group Career Site

    Here at Ahuja Group your careers are crafted by you, your hard-work and dedication pays you here with us; you will see that job is not just work rather it is fun at work.