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Corporate Social Responsiblity

Ahuja Groups's strong emphasis on innovation, world-class products, quality customer service and professionalism has gained widespread recognition over many years. This culture of excellence has repeatedly won industry accolades and we have gained certifications towards our goal of our customers experiencing quality beyond compare. Various Ahuja Group brands have also received numerous industry awards for excellence and continuing quality excellence.

Here we would like to present a sampling of some of the certifications, awards and recognition we're particularly proud of:


Certifications are an important part of any organisations repertoire to build trust with customers and maintain the highest standards

Accolades & Participations:

Memberships & Partnerships:


To be the best-in-class and to provide the best to our customers, we keep endeavouring to form partnerships with the best in the industry.


Dealer for widest range of hydraulic hoses and hose assemblies


Official Partner for widest range of automation accessories


Our German Technology Partner